What Does it Take to Become a Professional Photographer?

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Starting a photography business isn’t as easy as many people think. Just because you own a camera or you’re a photography hobbyist, doesn’t mean you’ll instantly make it big in the industry. Apparently, this industry is one of the most competitive businesses.

Apart from having the skills and an eye for aesthetics, you’ll still need a lot of things to make a decent living in the field. But don’t lose hope. As per Indeed, photographers can make like $4-$44 per hour. It’s a lucrative career as well.

Here’s a guide to some of the things you need to start your own photography business.


A good camera is a must. But it isn’t the only thing that you need to invest in. You’ll need to secure some accessories.

This includes a tripod, different lenses, filters, and lighting equipment. These will help you capture different angles and achieve different photography styles that your client may want.

Apart from that, you’ll also need extra batteries, memory cards, and an external hard drive. Some photographers also invest in extra cameras. This way, they’ll have backups no matter how long the event will be.

Ideally, Business News Daily notes that you’d want to invest at least $10,000 for starting a photography business.

Editing Software

Editing photos is also a part of being a photographer. It’s not because your photos aren’t good. Sometimes, photos don’t just really appear the way we see things through our eyes. Natural light, for instance, can affect the colors of our photos. Through editing, you’ll be able to enhance your photos and make them even more stunning.

Thus, you’ll need good editing software. Using this would help you adjust metrics such as white balance, exposure, shadows, and even the sharpness of the details. On top of that, it will help you reduce the size of your files, making them easier to store and print.

Photography Course or Workshop

Some say you don’t need a photography degree to start your photography business. Instead, all you need is a good eye and lots of creativity. True enough, some made it big in the industry because of pure talent.

However, let’s not forget the possibilities of how knowledgeable your competitors are in the field. While there are countless benefits of starting a photography business without a formal education related to the field, it still helps a lot.

Through this, you’ll become more familiar with the gadgets and the techniques you’ll need. Additionally, you’ll get to enhance your skills more.


To start a business, you’ll also need a portfolio. This allows you to show your best work to your prospective clients. Through this, they’ll be able to get a peek at your photography style, skills, and how you see the world with your eyes. And if you’re just starting out in the industry, this will help you gain more credibility too.

Additionally, a portfolio will help you create a more visible digital footprint. When you post it on social media platforms, it creates a trail that will lead your prospective clients to you.

Experience… Lots Of It

Experience doesn’t always mean the number of jobs you’ve taken.

Go on photo walks, attend seminars, take online courses – all of these add up to your skill as a photographer. You can always learn a thing or two from other people.

Like any other business, a photography business isn’t always easy. There will be times when you’ll only have a few clients and there will be times when you’ll have more. Success doesn’t happen overnight. Your time will come, just be patient, and just enjoy the process.

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